© Rosamond Purcell

© Rosamond Purcell


Current technology allows us to produce prints of extraordinary quality at extremely large sizes -- upwards of 64” x 100' -- and on a variety of surfaces. Prints are priced according to image size, with a minimum print cost of $125. The cost is as follows:

$0.29 per square inch of image area up to 34”x46,” $0.22 per square inch for larger images.  Prints on canvas are priced at $0.33 per square inch.

To determine the cost of your final print, calculate: length x width x $0.29/$0.22/$0.33 = final cost.

Unless you specify an alternative, all matte prints are trimmed with hand-deckled edges; luster or glossy prints with razor-trimmed edges. This is included in the cost of the final print.

Discounts are available on multiple prints of the same image.  Discounts range from 10% - 25% depending on quantity.  Please contact us for an estimate.

Multiple copies of the same image can be printed on one 35"x47" page for $380.00 per sheet, or $190.00 per half-sheet. If your final image size is small, printing multiples on a page is a cost-effective solution.