© Thomas Spencer Ladd

© Thomas Spencer Ladd


We understand that your original artwork is irreplaceable and use the highest degree of care in handling and scanning your negatives and transparencies. In all cases, we subscribe to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s guidelines for the care and handling of artwork.  

Scanning is one of the most important aspects of the printing process: a final print’s appearance corresponds directly to the quality of the scan.  At Singer Editions, our scanning expertise along with a commitment to the most advanced technology yields the highest quality scans available today. Our scanning equipment includes the Howtek ScanMaster 4500 drum scanner and the Scitex EverSmart Supreme.  We are able to scan film and flat works up to 12”x17” at a resolution of up to 14,000 dpi at unparalleled quality, providing an excellent starting point for a beautiful edition.

Scanning cost is based on the format of the original: 

    35 mm . . . . . . . $55.00

    2.25 in . . . . . . . $80.00 

    4x5 in . . . . . . . . $100.00

    8x10 in . . . . . . . $110.00

    12x17 in . . . . . .  $115.00


We have also recently implemented exciting new technology which allows us to scan extremely large original art work at a very high resolution. If your project requires this type of large-format scanning please call us to discuss options and pricing.